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Los mejores prompts para Midjourney


¿Estás en busca de inspiración para tu próximo proyecto en Midjourney? He compilado una lista de los mejores prompts para midjourney que no solo desatarán tu creatividad, sino que también te ayudarán a explorar nuevas perspectivas y estilos. Desde la exótica fauna del Amazonas hasta los estilos innovadores de anime, estas categorías están diseñadas para llevarte en un viaje visual y conceptual emocionante.


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¿Cuáles son lo mejores prompts para midjourney?

Aquí tienes una lista completa de los mejores prompts para Midjourney que he ido confeccionando a lo largo del último año.

0 1 2 a white wolf, manikin style, black and white, flat black background, cinematic, dramatic, hyper realistic –chaos 100 –v 5.2

Los mejores prompts para midjourney 1 850x476 1

Tiger in the snow, photography, lens aperture f/5.6 —ar 16:9 —seed 300

Los mejores prompts para midjourney 2 e1699017454782

A black chihuahua wearing a full body stocking made of square crochet in a madrid street, in the style of patchwork, pale colors, misty atmosphere, as captured by Nadav Kander

0 3 e1699023956134

horse made of yarn in the field and painted in neon colors, 2010, in the style of polixeni papapetrou, psychedelic color schemes, wes anderson, camilla d’errico, intricate costumes, wrapped, 32k uhd

0 0

indominus rex made with black and white pen and ink, in the style of hyper-realistic cultural illustrations, uhd image, trace monotone, intricate illustrations, charming illustrations, intricate composition –v 5.2

0 2

Seahorse drawings in pencil and ink, in the style of optical illusion paintings, light white with delicate patterns, precision painting, whimsical steed of the coral reefs, full body, heavy shading, precisionist –ar 1:1 –v 5

0 2 1

a siberian forest cat by jimmy marble, intricate fur details, modern surrealism, pop, vivid, sharp focus, global illumination, perfect composition, Canon EF 16-35mm f/2.8L III USM Lens –v 5.1

0 0 2 e1699026480257

An antilope running extremely fast behind chased by a cat, on the green plains of africa, on a semi foggy day, advertising photography, national geographic

0 1 4 850x476 1

Una foto de un guepardo cazando una gacela en las llanuras de la Sabana africana durante el crepúsculo, tomada con una cámara Sony Alpha 7R IV con un objetivo de teleobjetivo. –ar 16:9 –v 5

santiagocosme playful heeler dog perfect face perfect eyes high 1cd16d62 8bc9 4160 9d5e 3999ce32c4b0 1 min

playful heeler, dog, perfect face, perfect eyes, highly detailed, comprehensive cinematic, digital painting, 8k, cinematic lighting, best quality, highres, detailed work, post – processing, perfect result, realistic –seed 1234

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Curso de Midjourney

Los mejores Prompts para midjourney:Anime

0 1

an anime girl with big long pink hair holding a heart, in the style of bunnycore, festive atmosphere, wrapped, 32k uhd, japanese prints, commission for, close-up –v 5.2

0 0 1

2 anime fashion female models with feathers on their heads, in the style of light silver and dark azure, highly detailed realism, northern and southern dynasties, hd, fairycore, meticulous portraiture, high resolution –v 5.2

0 0 1 1

Spike Spiegel anime tattoo on white canvas, on white background, in the style of space cowboy, jade green and navy, hard edge painting, Watanabe, animecore, fujifilm velvia 50, soft shading. –v 5.2

santiagocosme a cute lady with cute hair holding a large lollip 584cedf6 9d0d 4c74 a41f 192914408185 min

a cute lady with cute hair holding a large lollipop, in the style of realistic sculptures, artgerm, eiichiro oda, light beige and pink, striped, toyen, elaborate costumes

santiagocosme A girl with blue hair and a gold crown above it i 901fdacb e31e 4e47 9305 975dc59bed44 min

A girl with blue hair and a gold crown above it, in the style of hyper – realistic water, lovecraftian, zbrush, realistic figures, charming illustrations, intricate lines, turquoise

santiagocosme A girls head decorated in blue and red colors in 8c5e4eab d4b7 4bdd 8c7c 5e09b1b987e1 min

A girl’s head decorated in blue and red colors, in the style of artgerm, fluid and organic, darkly romantic illustrations, victor nizovtsev, dark cyan and red, fluid and loose, bold character designs

santiagocosme Beautiful American girl fitness trainer stands an c99bfc68 d841 4c6d 829e 02d089f86ad5 min

Beautiful American girl fitness trainer, stands and shows her perfect figure to her full height, full body shot, back view, developed muscles, beautiful body, athletic legs and hips in leggings, professional photo, cinematic light, colorful realism, modularity, rich close – ups, uhd image, high attention to detail, high definition and level of detail

santiagocosme cant feel my face tte in the style of onii kei hi c86d1f18 384e 4ff9 8ad6 09b2aec01de0 min

can’t feel my face tte, in the style of onii kei, hip hop influenced, appropriation artist, album, folio and fan formats, fairy academia, disfigured forms, outrun

Curso de Midjourney

Los Mejores Prompts para Midiourney: arquitectura/ Interiorismo

0 1 1 1

an interior of a home with a wooden ceiling and floor, in the style of soft renderings, danish design, commercial imagery, light emerald and light beige, the bechers’ typologies, caffenol developing, ferrania p30 –v 5.2

santiagocosme Cozy living room interior with table and panorami bb594ba7 6cce 4d35 9aa3 ec3d58841500 min

Cozy living room interior with table and panoramic window, empty wall copy space, photo-realistic, hyper realistic, Perfect Anatomy, Depth of Field , captured with Phase One XF IQ4 camera or Sony Alpha 1 (A1) following Rule of third, 200 Mega Pixel lens, a fast prime lens, fast shutter speed (1/64000), low ISO (50), precise focus –no Text –chaos 50 –ar 16:9 –stylize 250 –iw 2 –v 5.2

0 0 3

The banana-shaped couch is a delightful merger of novelty and comfort, visualized through 4D rendering technology. This couch cleverly embodies the elongated and curved silhouette of a ripe, yellow banana, turning an everyday fruit into a conversational piece of furniture. The 4D render adds depth and realism, allowing one to perceive the plush comfort and inviting allure of the couch. The scene for this couch is an open-plan living area, brimming with modern creativity. The mood is relaxed and cheerful, matching the whimsical nature of the design. The lighting is diffused and warm, emphasizing the couch’s softness and its vivid, cheerful color. –v 5.1

0 3 2

a paris an iconic madrid building covered in pastel color fabric, in the style of realistic yet ethereal, soft hues, realistic sculptures, nyc explosion coverage, gauzy atmospheric landscapes, pop inspo, layered translucency –ar 4:5 –v 5.2

0 0 1 2

a luminiscent heart shaped building with pink, yellow and blue colors, in a foggy day in the middle of a semi-empty space with women surrounding it, neon light, squared edges, elevation, award winning photography, captured by an award-winning photographer –v 5.1

0 0 5

A professional coaching program, a transformative journey of growth and empowerment. The scene unfolds in a serene, nature-inspired setting, with lush greenery and calming hues. The coaching program’s headquarters is a contemporary oasis nestled amidst tranquil surroundings. Soft, natural light filters through large windows, infusing the space with warmth and tranquility. The interior showcases a harmonious fusion of modern design and natural elements. Shadows dance gracefully, highlighting the program’s dynamic and transformative nature. A captivating 3D render captures the essence of personal development, presenting it in exquisite detail with an 8K resolution. –chaos 9 –ar 4:5 –stylize 214 –v 5

0 0 1 3

knitted houses on a side street, in the style of mesmerizing colorscapes, kawaii aesthetic, bjarke ingels, rococo pastels, patrick brown, seaside vistas, snow scenes –ar 82:103 –v 5.2

0 2 3 1

Metropolis building Madrid totally wrapped in a blue thick woven polypropylene fabric with an aluminum surface by Christo Javacheff and Jeanne-Claude, a calm yet colofrul atmosphere, people walking by, cinematic lighting, photorealistic , 3D studio Max , corporate ,award-winning photograph, realistic,high-quality ,super resolution ,accurate dimensions , multiple angles, modern, 8K, 4K, display full image –uplight –q 2 –v 5 –v 5

0 0 6 1

berlin, city street, the facade of one boutique is completely covered with a pink silk fabric very puffy Hypersize disproportionate in size, the smallest details, photo, insanely detailed, high quality. –ar 4:5 –v 4

Los mejores Prompts paraMidjourney: Banderas

santiagocosme flag of new england r vexilology concept art des 5dbfabdb fd4c 4e52 942f 8413f99e9918 min

flag of new england r / vexilology concept art design art

santiagocosme australia flag sticker in the shape of australia 53e6c209 f913 4b06 95ce 72b2502e3413 min 2

[australia flag sticker in the shape of australia, white background]::7 [detailed matte finish, hyper realistic logo]::3 –s 20 –v 4

Los Mejores Prompts para Midjourney: Coloreables

0 2 3

Coloring page for adults, lovley woman building a chicken coop, cartoon style, thick lines, low detail, no shading–ar 9:11 –v 5.2

0 1 1

coloring page for 3 year old kids, anna and elsa playing in the zoo with picaso outfit , full color line art, 2023 most popular color – ar 9:11 –v 5.2

Los mejores Prompts para Midjourney: Comida

santiagocosme STYLE Close up shot GENRE Gourmet EMOTION Tempt 85acfdfb 43b7 4caa 97d6 4395f8532492 min 850x425 1

STYLE: Close-up shot | GENRE: Gourmet | EMOTION: Tempting | SCENE: A plate of freshly grilled fish and chips with seasoning and garnish | TAGS: High-end food photography, clean composition, dramatic lighting, luxurious, elegant, mouth-watering, indulgent, gourmet | CAMERA: Nikon Z7 | FOCAL LENGTH: 105mm | SHOT TYPE: Close-up | COMPOSITION: Centered | LIGHTING: Soft, directional | PRODUCTION: Food Stylist| TIME: Evening –ar 16:8

santiagocosme PRESENTATION Macro Lens CUISINE TYPE Upscale AM e9ce298b d743 4bb7 8817 218c72d6590d min 850x425 1

PRESENTATION: Macro Lens | CUISINE TYPE: Upscale | AMBIENCE: Alluring | VISUALS: Desert serving of Pavlova | ATTRIBUTES: Upscale gastronomy imagery, seamless arrangement, intense yet elegant spotlight, sumptuous, refined, irresistible, lavish, gourmet | TOOL: Nikon Z7 | LENS DETAIL: 105mm | SHOT PERSPECTIVE: Close Proximity | ALIGNMENT: Equilibrium in focus | ILLUMINATION CHARACTERISTICS: Subtle, with a single point of origin | BEHIND THE SCENES: Gourmet Arrangement Specialist | PHOTO SESSION TIMING: Twilight –ar 16:8

santiagocosme APPROACH Detailed Focus CATEGORY High end Cuisin 28c23b11 56c7 4962 b0bf b522fae974eb min 850x425 1

APPROACH: Detailed Focus | CATEGORY: High-end Cuisine | MOOD: Inviting | DESCRIPTION: Fresh beef burger with vibrant salads and beautiful pillow buns | KEYWORDS: Sophisticated food capture, neat framing, evocative illumination, posh, graceful, drool-inducing, decadent, gourmet | EQUIPMENT: Nikon Z7 | LENS: 105mm | SHOT NATURE: Close-range | FRAME: Balanced Central | ILLUMINATION: Gentle, from one direction | CREW: Culinary Stylist| SHOOTING SCHEDULE: Dusk –ar 16:8

0 2 5 850x476 1

Savory Spinach Stills – Spinach Greens, Culinary Art, Ultra Realistic, Canon EOS 5D Mark IV, 50mm Prime Lens, f/2.8 Aperture, Culinary –ar 16:9 –style raw –v 5.2

Los mejores Promts para midjourney:Dibujos

santiagocosme Little girl in the style of Yayoi Kusama 2D vecto 9561dead 5380 4ca9 9735 d27f21ede54f min

Little girl in the style of Yayoi Kusama ,2D vector digital art –ar 1:1 –quality 0.5 –v 5.2

0 1 4 2

a black and white tattoo of three latin rapper girls heads, bottles of whisley, money, big earrings, intricate composition tattoo, in the style of epic fantasy scenes, dusty piles, commission for, orton effect, dark, foreboding colors, antichrist, devilcore, white background, depth, close-up, Atmospheric Perspective –ar 4:5 –v 5.2

0 1 5 1

Isometric designs forming a cohesive pattern, rendered in black pencil and ink on a white canvas, reflecting geometric perspective, topographical accuracy, dotted intersections, layered depth, ambient luminosity, terrestrial vibes, and consistent geometric angles –v 5

0 1 6 1

Frida Kahlo in the style of passionate artistry, dark white and dark black, hyper-realistic portrait illustrations, white background. –v 5.2

Los Mejores Prompts para Midjourney: Paisajes

0 2 4

aesthetic tree photo, light and bright, whimsical, dreamy, calm and quiet mood, fantasy aesthetic, mystical vibes, imagination inspiration, dreamy blush hues, digital download –v 5.1

Los Mejores Promts para Midjourney:Productos

0 2 8

Una cámara Sony A7 hecha de lego hiperrealista, con detalles precisos de los bloques y las funciones de la cámara, en un ambiente minimalista y blanco, con una atmósfera de innovación y creatividad, fotografía, lente 50mm f/1.8, –ar 1:1 –v 5

0 2 1 3

La Birkin Bag reinventada por la marca Supreme, la bolsa en color rojo brillante con el logo de Supreme en blanco, sobre una mesa de mármol blanco, ambiente minimalista y elegante, Fotografía, lente de 50mm con apertura f/1.8, –ar 16:9 –v 5

0 1 6

Una laptop sobre un escritorio a punto de cerrarse, con luces amarillas, rosas y verdes. La habitación está oscura, solo iluminada por estas luces de colores brillantes. La laptop tiene un diseño moderno y elegante, con teclas retroiluminadas que emiten una suave luz rosada. En la pantalla de la laptop se reflejan las luces del entorno, creando un efecto mágico y futurista. La tapa de la laptop está a medio cerrar, mostrando un ángulo diagonal interesante. La habitación tiene un ambiente tranquilo y silencioso, con una leve bruma en el aire que le da un aspecto misterioso. En la esquina de la habitación, hay una planta de interior exuberante que añade un toque de vida y frescura al ambiente. El escritorio está limpio y ordenado, con algunos objetos decorativos minimalistas. La laptop está rodeada de cables y accesorios, lo que sugiere que ha sido utilizada recientemente. Photography, shot with a DSLR camera, 35mm lens, aperture f/1.8, shutter speed 1/60s, ISO 200, –ar 1:1 –v 5

0 0 10

an internet router, product design render on white background octane 4K render intricate and detailed texture, design by fisher price –v 5.1

0 1 1 4

a comfortable looking suede two seats sofa, with pastel colors, product design, plain light studio background, octane render, bright ambience, ultra realistic –no decoration –upbeta –v 5 –v 5

0 1 2 2

A wheelchair made out of diamonds, intricately cut gems forming the frame, wheels, and seat with light refracting through each face as made by damien, white studio background, captured by famous photographer –ar 16:9 –v 5.1

0 0 1 5

A skull crafted entirely of crimson roses, encapsulating an essence of organic horror, suggestive of devilish figures and the concept of death. Inspired by Giger, the piece possesses an epic baroque and art nouveau style, echoing the artistic vision of James Jean. Rendered in a photorealistic manner using 3ds Max and V-Ray, the image is rich in extreme detail and intricacy. The center composition lends an elegant touch, further enhanced by visual effects from Unreal Engine 5 and Octane Render. The artwork is characterized by its extreme contrast and exceedingly sharp lines, all presented in a 9:16 aspect ratio. –v 5.1

0 3 5

a glass double decker bus full of wATERmelon fruits in madrid, glassy translucence, ultrarealistic –ar 4:5 –v 5.1

0 0 2 1

a modern landline phone, in the style of beeple, sony fe 85mm f/ 1. 4 gm, light pink and yellow, kadir nelson, smilecore, interactive experiences, guy aroch, award winning photograph, ultrarealistic, side view –v 5.2

Los Mejores Prompts para Midjourney: Retratos

0 1 5

a trendy copywriter influencer girl looking at her computer, desk full of papers and pencils, advertising awards, purple color scheme as captured by nadav Kander –v 5.2

0 0 9

a trendy instagram influencer girl looking at her phone and celebrating how she has grown in instagram, orange color scheme as captured by nadav Kander –v 5.2

0 0 1 4

male personal trainer with colorful workout clothes and sneakers in a gym for men, in the style of rachel maclean, daniel jaems, light brown, orange and blue, kent monkman, chicano-inspired, optical, exaggerated features –v 5.2

0 2 7

A mexican couple looking extremely bored at home while knitting together, in the style of beeple, sony fe 85mm f/ 1. 4 gm, light pink and yellow, kadir nelson, smilecore, interactive experiences, guy aroch, award winning photograph, ultrarealistic –v 5.2

0 2 1 2

Vogue photoshoot of female life coach holding a pink cardbord box on pink background in Wes Anderson style, hyperrealistic photography, Wes Anderson style, 8k ,4k,8k –v 5.2

0 1 1 3

a ginger hair girl with very light skin wearing a greenoutfit standing near mushroom shapes, in the style of bella kotak, psychedelic rock, greg olsen, western-style portraits, arthur elgort, uhd image, sharp/prickly –v 5.1

0 1 2 1

A smiling barman holding a clean A4 whiteboard sign in his hands and showing it to the camera, on bar background, modern, as captured by annie leibovitz, close-up, –upbeta –v 5.1 –ar 1:1

0 1 3 1

Brad pitt is a busker who sings and plays the guitar in new york city, award winning photography as captured by Nadav Kander –v 5.1

0 3 4

Vogue photoshoot of dalai lama on white background in Wes Anderson style, hyperrealistic photography, Wes Anderson style, 8k, close – up shot, close – up photo ,4k,8k –q 2 –upbeta –v 5.1 –ar 4:5 –s 750

0 1 4 1

Trump and Biden kissing each other, Photography, shot by Mario Testino with a Sony A7R IV and a 24-70mm f/2.8 lens to capture the vibrant lights and movement, –ar 4:5 –v 5

0 3 3 1

An extravagant and visually rich portrait of Melania Trump, captured by David LaChapelle, in a luxurious and opulent setting, adorned with elaborate costumes and intricate props, Melania Trump’s confident and flamboyant presence taking center stage, the composition filled with intricate details and a touch of surrealism, Photography, medium format camera with a portrait lens, –ar 4:5 –v 5

0 2 5 1

A portrait of Jeff Bezos, his hair in donald trumps blonde iconic style, a tableau woven by Annie Leibovitz’s masterful photography. Bezos, usually the epitome of a tech entrepreneur, is seen in a new light – relaxed, jovial, and surprisingly adaptable. His eyes sparkle with amusement, a testament to his ability to defy expectations. Photo taken by Annie Leibovitz with Hasselblad H6D-100c, Award Winning Photography style, Dramatic and High-key lighting, 8K, Ultra-HD, Super-Resolution. –ar 4:5 –quality 2 –v 5

Los Mejores Prompts para Midjourney: Tatuajes

0 0 6

Koi Fish japanese tattoo style drawing on white background, two vibrant koi fish swimming in a yin-yang formation, surrounded by flowing waves and delicate cherry blossom petals, setting captures the essence of a tranquil Japanese pond, evoking a sense of balance and harmony, Artwork, ink on handmade rice paper, –ar 1:1 –niji 5

0 2 2 1

A constellation of stars captured minimally, elegantly drawn in black pencil and ink on a white surface, reflecting geometric serenity, topographical subtlety, intricate dot touches, overlapping aesthetics, glowing contrasts, natural resonance, and structured geometric forms –v 5

0 0 7

a black and white image of a tattoo portraying chains tightly binding a dark, shadow-infused heart, in the style of dark fantasy creatures, adonna khare, layered translucency, frenzied action painting, detailed heart of darkness, soft shading –ar 1:1 –v 5

0 0 8

Drawing of a 1940s sailor girl in old school tattoo style; white background; Americana; use red, yellow, green, and black; thick and bold lines. –v 4

0 3 3

Neo-traditional tattoo of Native American Themes on white background, symbols, headdress, wildlife, bold, dark outlines and illustrative looks, 2D style, drenched in saturated colors of red, black, green, and yellow, white background. –v 5.2

0 1 3

an intricate stylized mandala tattoo design in black pencil and ink on white background, in the style of geometric balance, topographical realism, intricate dotwork, piles/stacks, luminous shadowing, earthcore, geometric shapes & patterns –v 5

0 0 4

a drawing of an arrow made with black and white pen and ink, in the style of hyper-realistic archery illustrations, uhd image, trace monotone, intricate illustrations, charming illustrations, intricate composition –v 4

0 1 1 2

An ancient warrior’s helmet with battle damage tattoo design on a black and white sheet, in the style of epic fantasy scenes, digital airbrushing, detailed hunting scenes, demonic photograph, antichrist, commission for, columns and totems –v 5

0 2 6

Panther illustrations in pencil and ink, in the style of optical illusion paintings, light white and deep black fur, precision painting, stealthy and fierce nocturnal hunter, full body, heavy shading, precisionist –ar 1:1 –v 5

0 2 1 1

Design a dynamic 3D tattoo drawing hyperrealistic portraying geometric animals in perpetual motion, their angular forms interacting harmoniously, symbolizing the balance between nature and geometry, on white canvas, white background –ar 1:1 –v 5

0 3 4 1

tribal, tattoo, celtic art, tattoo art, symetrical, highly detailed, fractal, black and white, hyperrealism, HD –v 5

0 1 16

Hanya Masks Japanese tattoo style artwork on white canvas, a vibrant Hanya mask capturing raw emotions, surrounded by peony petals, symbolizing passion and transformation. Artwork, ink on handmade rice paper, –ar 1:1 –niji 5

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