Prompts de Midjourney

prompts de midjourney

rolls-royces are parked around houses that are painted in different colors, in the style of kitsch aesthetic, pop inspo, barbiecore, soft color fields, swirling vortexes, group f/6, photo-realistic as captured by David Lachapelle

prompts de midjourney

a super modern and futuristic 4-story plant truck, elevation, wheels, glass windows, terrace, parked in the middle of an intersection in paris at night. Professional Architecture Render ,photorealistic , 3D studio Max , corporate ,award-winning photograph, realistic,high-quality ,super resolution ,accurate dimensions , multiple angles ,modern, 8K, 4K, display full image –uplight –ar 1:1 –q 2 –v 5.1

grid 0

a colorful sofa set in a white background, in the style of vray tracing, louise bourgeois, gorgeous colors, soft colors, bold curves, tondo, dark cyan and light amber –ar 1:1 –v 4

prompts de midjourney

an iconic madrid landmark with pink and monochromatic playgrounds, in the style of multi-layered abstractions, colorful cityscapes, rainbowcore, sky-blue and orange, online sculpture, abstracted architecture, photorealistic, award-winningphotography, maximalism, passer-by

santiagocosme a man sits on floating pillows on the water in th 178a86a3 33cb 400b 875a 77953ebc3f81

a man sits on floating pillows on the water, in the style of soft sculptures, light white and white, mushroomcore, lively landscapes, strong use of color, floating structures, monochromatic artworks –ar 1:1

prompts de midjourney

The woman in the photo is standing against a beige background, a Tumblr personality. Her outfit consists of a reflective puffer jacket and a poncho, both of which are in a stylish off-white color scheme. This ensemble could be a reference to an internet meme or trend, and it is currently trending on the design and architecture website Dezeen. The photo appears to be from a catalog, showcasing the latest in fashion trends for 2024. The accessories on display include a mac, a pair of 8. 0 LV sunglasses, and a folded piece by Mike and Wojtek Fus. Overall, this outfit embodies the cutting-edge fashion of the year and is sure to turn heads. –ar 1:1 –q 2 –v 5

santiagocosme a super cosy co working space which seats are all a5c832fb 0774 4a90 91c4 a9860c76273b

a super cosy co-working space which seats are all white inflatable water bed matresses. people working on their latops. Professional Architecture Render ,photorealistic , 3D studio Max , corporate ,award-winning photograph, Photography, captured by a professional in the style of Nadav Kander using a medium format camera with a 85mm lens at f/1.4, –ar 1:1 –uplight –q 2 –v 5

santiagocosme a comfortable looking suede two seats sofa with p 32515408 99cd 4333 8dc4 0a2d07117164

a comfortable looking suede two seats sofa, with pastel colors, product design, plain light studio background, octane render, bright ambience, ultra realistic –no decoration –upbeta –v 5

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