Midjourney prompt Premium lifestyle stock images

Midjourney Prompt Premium Lifestyle Stock Images + Professionals at work

38 words. Tested.

Explore Premium Lifestyle Images that capture the essence of real-life experiences with true-to-life depictions of people. Dive into a vast collection of vibrant, photorealistic images that connect with human emotions and daily encounters. From diverse cultures to animated environments, our Lifestyle Images offer a refreshing and genuine reflection of life. Start your adventure in visual storytelling today and craft an infinite array of inspiring images!


Example outputs - PROMPT 1 (Lifestyle)

Two girls chatting in a coffee shop in the morning

Man on a wheelchair in the city in the afternoon

Man doing push ups at home in the morning

Example outputs - PROMPT 2 (Professionals at work)

Florist arranging a bunch of flowers in her shop

Electrician at work

Waiter serving a pint of beer in a bar


Purchase the prompt and download the pdf. Log in to Midjourney Write the command “/imagine prompt:” Copy & paste the prompt. Change the words in square brackets ([ ]) to personalize your prompt. Press the "enter" key to make the magic happen.

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